Desolation Through a Chain Link Fence

Power surges of memory

energy output spikes

a rupturing of integrity

in our emergency hikes

Metal vessels breathing steam

fallout ascends

a glasnost response

elusive hydrogen bends

And graphite of red

bitumen ceilings

the ladders of death

firemen’s reelings

Corium lava flows

in harmonious throes

with deceit and greed

the ending seed

The elephant's foot

a puddle of wrinkle

a dungeon of fear

where footsteps crinkle

Impossible they said

as they blindly watched

the dipygus axis

contorted in botch

Closed lakes and red forests

Crimson pine

Analogous to rust

tortured towers thrust

Thyroid explosions

And radiotrophic fungi

Bacteria’s fame

In tragedies lame

Wild boars not seen

and albino swallows

looking through the fence

at mankinds gallows

Walking away

from the closure of link

chained in sorrow

filling sadness with hopeful chink…

DeaPea 1-16-14


while I wait

I ponder life

mistakes I made

and current strife

but then I look

at all my blessings

and realize

that I will wait

without distressing

DeaPea 1-13-14

Waiting #2

Waiting in line

so divine

looking at people

of strange design

picking their noses

twiddling thumbs

looking behind

to check lines incline

some people leave

my position improves

closer to clerk

who might be a jerk

an argument could ensue

red tape to adhere

but at least Ill be home soon

for an ice cold beer

DeaPea 1-13-14

Waiting #3

on the phone

please hold the line

patronage appreciated

we'll get to you in time

the music plays

drab and dull

I start a conversation

with imaginary skull

spooky noises

and cackles so mean

imposing my courage

which I lack in mien

the girl comes on

hearing my recitative

I'm embarrassed as heck

I think I must leave

12-13-14 Dea Pea


What if....

each person took turns

changing the world

demanding peace

our hearts unfurled

refreshing air

for us to breathe

and cleaning water

our health to sheathe

feeding the starved

with legume and fruit

creating smiles

with systems permute

giving rights

to the meek and mild

and giving hope

to a lonely child

making our vote

be turned to process

embracing our love

for cruelties recess

DeaPea 1-13-12

Unattached Shadows

I walk and spin

swiping in flail

my shadows clinging

in persevered assail

they tell me I'm a part

of light and dark

and message me in quiet

moody and stark

they dance when I do

those looming pests

and even surprise me

in bedrooms rest

but I will conquer

and detach these fellows

so I can wander

with no shade to mellow

DeaPea 1-14-14


Yellow is sweet saffron

A golden stigma

Picrocrocin bouquet

Singing from hay


Red… an ashen essence

Fiery and hot

Smokey in mist

As coal’s choirs hiss


Orange is the savour

Of pumpkin’s nectarous flavour

Cozy and kind

Soothing to mind


Blue is the ocean

Salts odor a potion

Touching my notion

Romance’s wave 

Purples passion

The balm so pungent

A kiss of wine

Plummy and fine


Green life’s smell

Wind’s pollen message

The oil of mint

Creating watery glint 

DeaPea 1-15-14

Paramount Theatre March 1st 1937... Benny Goodman... The Swing Era is born...

Benny's crew

back to New York

in radio fame

booked for matinee

before Claudette

not expecting

much response

some regret

weary from travel

one-night journeys


to Congress Hotel

and Let's Dance tourney

Sing, Sing, Sing

Krupa's sticks

flailing rhythms

Henderson plan

so slick

line up forever

stage is rising

spilling aisles

audience in jitter


forty-three minutes

swing era's beginning

I sit-up up in daze

struck with silence

arms go down

my trumpet withdrawn

my song renown

a smile of pleasure

Shakespearian jazz

so played

a player on stage

my dream astray

DeaPea 1-17-14

An Ode to Salomon August Andrée

Three years before

century twenty began

A dream to reach

The infamous pole was planned

In hydrogens care

ballooning with dare

leaving Danskøya

in heralded flair

The three men began

in mishaps clasp

Gondola ropes

Losing their grasp

They were their guide

Ruddering glide

Doomed from start

No way to hide

The ice and wind

Winding off course

floating ice

a converging force

North to Svalbard

Snowy tundra too craggy

Fatigue and illness

Enlarging the stillness

pulling dogless sleds

Finally reached land

But lasting two weeks

in drone of white sand

Two men found in tent

Andree alone

Polar bear ingestion

And parasitic moan

aft years thirty three

a grand event

the finding of peril

and camp of debris

a prisoner of fame

hoopla and faith

never turning back

when failure had reigned

DeaPea 12-17-14


I cannot speak for silence

the words just slip away

I sit in ponder

as the sounds turn grey

my head starts to sing

as the quiet rings

why is it thunderous?

this laughing ovation

It begins to quell

as I adapt to reticence

I fear infiltration

a break of peace and innocence

I begin to write

as the clarity explodes

creative juices

begging in goad

My heart begins to speak

dreams in clear

a spinning realm

a muted mirror

12-17-14 DeaPea

only eight hours suffocation and shock revenge and resentment the sergeants to mock strongly barred for two or three two small windows packaging human debris one hundred forty-six in oppressive heat the door slammed tight the nawab's replete bribery was tried for a room to breath but no was the answer as the prisoners seethed with delirious pleads some water did come passed around in a hat a pathetic leaking drum a tumult ensued some left in parch trampled to death in their frantic march most stupified and raving when the door was clear the commander was seated a calm and forgiving veneer so it was chronicled this legend of terror a nationalist cause celebre a hatred bearer but the obelisk remains with a list of those who died and survived these perilous throes DeaBeePea 6-9-16

The Thread

The infinite unravelling
Teasing of end
Drops to floor
A cat’s mental mend

It hides in the corner
A distant course
Waiting for its needle
A sock’s remorse

It might be found
Or another chosen
From the junk drawers depths
In time it was frozen

A stitch in time
Keeps end from near
But our aching fingers
Tell us of the inevitable sphere

Around and around
In monotonous momentum
We wait for answer
In an immeasurable per centum

But this strand is connected
To a life-line that breathes
Knotted and cut
Both ends will seethe

A continues flow
Of future and past
And lost connections
Of questions asked

DeaBeePea 6-12-16

The Mallow and the Lavender Seed

“Take it easy
There’s only so much water
We have to share
I’m not a squatter.”

“I’m alive a well
And must subsist
Otherwise my friend
I will cease to exist”

“But you spread all over
You’re quite a nuisance
And I was planted
For the gardener’s usance”

“Don’t forget I flower
A pretty colour too
And look quite exquisite
In the morning dew.”

“I am perennial
And you are annual
So maybe there’s a way
To avoid adversarial”

“No problem to me
I’ve never questioned your existence
But belittling me
Seems to be of persistence”

“I didn’t realize
That you were so sensitive
It’s just that you perpetuate
And seem so appositive”

“We are brothers
Of a rooting society
So let’s be friends
And practice propriety”

So they toasted, “Cheers!”
With a glass of dew
And the co-existence
A story that grew.

DeaBeePea 6-12-16


Hickory, dickory, dock
tick tock
the pendulum swung
as the mouse ran up the clock.

Hickory, dickory, dock
tick tock
the clock struck one
the mouse was having fun

Hickory, dickory, dock
tick tock
the clock struck two
he thought "is that an echo true?"

Hickory, dickory, dock
tick tock
the clock struck three
and he climbed it like a tree

Hickory, dickory, dock
tick tock
the clock struck four
thinking "can there possibly be more?"

Hickory, dickory, dock
tick tock
the clock struck five
and the mouse then took a dive

Hickory, dickory, dock
tick tock
the clock struck six
he decided to re-join the mix

Hickory, dickory, dock
tick tock
the clock struck seven
certainly now, not in seventh heaven

Hickory, dickory, dock
tick tock
the clock struck eight
was there a door in pendulums gate?

Hickory, dickory, dock
tick tock
the clock struck nine
the massless rod to climb

Hickory, dickory, dock
tick tock
the clock struck ten
the mouse getting dizzy in this den

Hickory, dickory, dock
tick tock
the clock struck eleven
the momentum was his leaven

Hickory, dickory, dock
tick tock
the clock struck twelve
the final clang too much to delve

Hickory, dickory, dock
tick tock
dinged by the bob
a headache that will throb

DeaBeePea 6-10-16


how I love distraction
teasing my pretention
of being organized and purposeful
in my strange creative intention

it makes me realize my senses
are all juxtaposed in clutter
and control over action
is a dice-roll on a table of butter

and of course the level
of appreciation varies
depending on the source and look
and the qualities the diversion carries

a buxom beauty for example
with bouncing hair and smile
would be a cause of disturbance
that could last me for a while

but a phone call from a bill collector
as long as I had call display
could be ignored for a while
and I could quickly go on my way.

DeaBeePea 6-15-16

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